Our people make us who we are

Strategy & Consulting

Natalia Mavrou

Director of Strategy and Consulting

With over 10 years of experience covering data strategy and transformation delivery programs, Natalia is an expert at working closely with clients and delivering across strategy and capability enablement .


“My team is a great group of diverse, multi-skilled people who all come from different backgrounds but share a talent for strategy, and a passion for value delivery. Outside of work you can find us volunteering with animals, or exercising in nature.”


Data Science & BI

Marta Portugal

Director of Data Science

Marta has over a decade of experience as a data scientist and successfully leading extensive teams and commercial projects throughout her career.  She specialises in translating business questions and requirements into actions and insights with data.


“The Data Science team is a fantastic group of commercial and practical data scientists and BI developers. We all have different backgrounds but what we have in common is a passion for solving problems with data. Although we are all generalists on some level, we have different interests and expertise which makes for a diverse team. Outside of office hours you might find us at the pub, playing chess, or practicing martial arts.”


Data Engineering

Carly Metcalfe

Director of Data Engineering

Carly has spent over 15 years working in the data and analytics space, designing and implementing analytical solutions, and building high-performing data engineering teams. She has worked across a variety of industries from automotive to finance and loves seeing her teams grow and develop.


“My team comes from a variety of backgrounds: from software engineering to AI and traditional warehousing, and we really embrace those differences. We are curious, practical problem solvers who immerse ourselves within client teams to gain an in-depth understanding of their business. Out of hours, you can find us trying new restaurants or enjoying the outdoors.” 


Our teams are certified across a range of technologies

“Everyone's opinion is welcomed and valued, with business conversations and decisions being open for discussion with the wider team. We echo this transparency with our clients, ensuring alignment between all throughout the engagement.”
Robert stonE
“I love that we’re constantly striving to make an impact with our work across a diverse range of clients. It's allowed me to really make a difference in some very interesting industries!”

Ali Haddad

This is our Value story

At Forth Point we are open by default, we have daily stand ups, knowledge share sessions and the leadership team answer most questions you ask them. We work well as a team, enjoying a challenge and are curious by nature. We enjoy to brainstorm to spark innovation and land the best solution.

We call ourselves practical doers – using our experience and understanding the true needs of subject matter experts, we deliver action-led solutions.  Committed to delivering value across many industries, we utilise the latest technology to improve the capability of data-led decisions.

As a team, we show up for each other every day, there is support from project delivery to reviewing an email, and you can be sure someone will always be free for a coffee or pint. We are an intelligent bunch who are passionate about making a difference, we are invested in our client’s success and thrive to use our expertise to make positive change.