Factory Performance Insights

Industry: Manufacturing
Our Client: An international lighting business.


On the production floor, time is money. By having a view on the accuracy of production times and what impacts them, our client can modify their processes to maximise production. While data on both estimated and actual production times are currently collected in different versions of SAP, a combined view would be required to drive improvement and efficiency.


We worked closely with the client to understand how their business operates and creates value, and how that translates into the data world.  We joined up their SAP data with other key data sources to create a consolidated data asset and leveraged PaaS tools on Azure to ensure automation and rapid implementation. We then created an interactive dashboard to allow the client to move beyond raw data and extract actionable insight for use on the shop floor.


Managers can now easily access insights on variances between planned and actual performance.  This gives them the tools to investigate why disparities happen and then take action to rectify this. This not only means an improvement in estimated production times but a chance at increasing efficiency and thereby profit.