Delivering Digital Solutions

Industry: Energy
Our Client: A global energy company.


Our client wanted to improve accuracy and efficiency in the scheduling and execution of critical plant maintenance activities on their offshore platforms. They also wanted to get clarity and visibility of core maintenance KPIs and week-on-week maintenance performance. Opportunities for improving data accuracy were also sought.

Alongside this project, we provided our client with dedicated data engineering and data science resources to join their existing in-house Digital and Data function and work across key initiatives including production performance monitoring; leak rate monitoring across passing flare valves; asset integrity dashboards; and hydrocarbon accounting reporting.


We worked collaboratively and delivered iteratively with the offshore and onshore teams to design, build, and deploy an intuitive application using Microsoft Power Apps and Power BI. We designed and built data pipelines using Azure Data Factory to automate the flow of planned maintenance data into the application.

Key to our on-going, successful partnership are:

  • Working as a dedicated squad embedded within the client’s Digital and Data function
  • Fortnightly playback and review sessions with onshore and offshore stakeholders to ensure the solution delivered fully for each of the stakeholder groups
  • Reacting to evolving requirements flexibly and in a timely manner
  • Regular check-ins with UK and Global IT to ensure compliance with all relevant IT policies and procedures


The value delivered was measured across data visibility; data quality & auditability; efficiency and process improvements. The time taken offshore to capture and review maintenance operations progress has been reduced and the visibility of impacts on performance has been greatly improved. The client can now view performance over time and provide vital new insights in support of future core maintenance planning. Data accuracy has been significantly improved through the removal of spreadsheets.