Data Strategy and Implementation Roadmap

Industry: Hospitality
Our Client: A UK-based B2B hospitality hardware and software provider.


Despite a highly successful hardware and software B2B offering, our client was losing market share to new digital-first competitors with superior data offerings (both simple visualisations and predictive models). With legacy technologies and a lack of internal experience, the client asked us to help develop a clear roadmap for the future and then implement it.


Using our strategic and data maturity framework, we mapped the current market and technical capabilities. We then took the team through a structured ideation and use case prioritisation process. Based on the desired end state, we constructed two complementary roadmaps: a use case roadmap and release schedule for their new enhanced data offerings and a capability roadmap to set out the evolution of the people, process, technology, data, and governance infrastructures.


The executive had a clear roadmap and investment plan for a new suite of commercial data products, and the infrastructure, people, and processes needed to bring it to market.  They approved the initiative and next it’s on to the first Minimum Viable Products (MVP) to take to market. It was considered particularly useful that the associated costs were aligned to value creation meaning that decisions to move forward could be easily made.