Automation of Manual Transport Processes

Industry: Logistics
Our Client: A global logistics company specialising in oil and gas.


In transport logistics, the delivery and collection of customer goods in a safe, efficient, and timely manner is of utmost importance. However, the process of building loads to go onto trucks and assigning jobs to drivers is largely manual, often leading to the underutilisation of trucks, as well as drivers not being allocated the jobs that are the most appropriate for them.


To enable us to carry out the automation of job allocations, we started by improving the client’s cloud infrastructure and enhancing their data through the deployment of Databricks. Furthermore, we gathered their data in a BI Dashboard to allow easy access to view and use the data.


The client now has easy access to view and utilise their data in the BI Dashboard and users can now create their own tables on run analysis on the data in a way they were not able to before. This way, they can easily show colleagues across the company what they can achieve with the data and what a powerful tool it can be.  Finally, the enhanced architecture means we can start automating their allocation processes to increase productivity and lower costs.