Workplace Optimisation

Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Our Client: A leading global retailer and healthcare provider.


The pandemic drastically changed our working patterns. Many employees are returning to the office but on a hybrid basis. The challenge is finding the right balance of on and offsite working for the business but also for individuals. Our client wanted to maximise employee engagement and collaboration while minimising property and operational costs.


We created a unique data asset in GCP by bringing together employees’ online and in-person interaction patterns with office building data and home locations.  We used that data asset to deliver critical insight into collaboration patterns and the relationship between collaboration, property, and engagement. Using that insight, we built a machine learning optimiser that makes recommendations on who should be in which office when to maximise in-person collaboration.


The solution trials have been successful, resulting in meaningful and actionable recommendations that are now being implemented. We are productionising the solution for deployment by non-technical staff with a slick front-end and easy-to-use interface. The data set is being enhanced and new features for the solution are being developed to deliver against real-world use cases.

The expectation is that full rollout will deliver significant cost reductions and increased employee engagement.