Membership Reporting and Churn Modelling

Industry: B2B
Our Client: A global not-for-profit standard designer and provider.


Our client offers a subscription-based service to its members.  Membership reporting is imperative to understand how to maximise member engagement and retention. However, their reporting processes were almost entirely manual as the data was siloed in different systems and metrics for focus changed constantly.


We created a data repository and pipelines to key source systems to enable users to easily access clean raw data from which they can now assemble automatic reports in Power BI.  Then to activate the power of the data asset, we trained a predictive churn model to identify the features most impacting membership churn.


All the data is now stored in one place and is clean, usable, and accessible, and with our support reports can quickly and easily be assembled in Power BI. Furthermore, the predictive churn model has allowed the client’s in-house member engagement team to focus efforts on the right members at the right time with the right interaction to maximise engagement and retention.