Architectural Review and Databricks Implementation  

Industry: B2B
Our client: A subscription-based compliance and quality service provider based in the UK.


The client wanted to rapidly grow the capability and capacity of their data team to deliver valuable insight and model outputs to operational business users, particularly to their sales team.  To scale with confidence, they needed a review of their architecture to identify opportunities and risks in the current data infrastructure. They also wanted recommended solutions for future architectural developments to improve both efficiency and effectiveness. 


Through an extensive examination of the data architecture, possible architectural risks were identified in relation to increased usage. A Databricks platform was then implemented to help manage these risks. 


Any required improvements to the infrastructure were identified and immediately implemented with the help of Databricks.  As a result, business users were able to get a much better picture of opportunity spaces and rapidly act on them.  Furthermore, the data team was able to implement an ML model farm confidently without the risk of falling over or cost escalation.